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July 31, 2018

Today is a very special day for me. My lovely Nina S. would've turn 12 years old. And I say "would've" because on 16 july, she left us. 

As the very wise, kind and gentle dog she was, she decided she had enough and on a warm wintery  evening, after a three day weekend with her family, my beautiful Nina had her last breath. A very aggressive arthritis that was diagnosed back in april had left her basically paralytical by july. In her last weeks of life, she needed our help to move around, and we didn' really move her around much, only when she needed and asked to.

Nina had a good life. Always very spoiled, one didn't have much of a choice when she asked for something (normally whatever piece of food one was nibbling or jumping next to one in bed or sofa) and when she was suspicious she wasn't going to get it she made sure her eyes were big and on the verge of tears. She would also sigh once or twice just in case, for a more dramatic effect.

I miss her greatly. She was the best, always wary when she saw me a bit down, always willing to wag her tail, to lick my face or even to bring me a toy, which she didn't really enjoy playing much with, just to brighten up my day. I miss hearing her entering my room on weekends, to gently move the covers of the bed with her nose to see if I was awake or sleeping, to having her as a my personal Florence Nightingale every time I fell sick. I miss hearing the tapping of her feet against the floor when she was excited about something, I miss hearing her barking, demanding for food -because eating was one of her favourite activities- when it was time for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

I miss her but at the same time I feel a sense of relieve knowing that, even if she didn't show any sign of  physical pain, she's no longer suffering. For a dog that was always on her four legs, not being able to walk must have been depressing. I only hope that wherever she is now, she's at a better place, that she's not alone, that she's probably leading (she was the alpha of her pack, after all), that she's happy.

Happy birthday you gorgeous ray of sunshine! You were a fighter and brave and cheerful to the last. Twelve years with you wasn't enough, but it was worth it. The pleasure, the privilege was mine.

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