I've lost that lovin' feelin'

November 06, 2009

Original idea stolen from Lauren, go and read her blog

I've lost that lovin' feelin' for bloggin',which basically translates in me not posting anything but a Kings of Leon vid since last october.
And honestly, I haven't post because 1) I haven't got anything too exciting or worth telling and 2) I've never been a good blogger. It is true that I started here on 2005, and this is my third blog, because I deleted the other two accounts, but the thing is that I like to consider myself a private person, so I don't practise the art of channeling my inner shiz by writing. Odd for a former journalism studen, but lately I've started feeling like I don't have an opinion on things, which is complete and utterly untrue. I do have an opinion and a strong one, maybe not the conventional type, but an opinion non the less.
So I decided to state my opinion, to raise my voice, to..., well you get the idea. From now on, there will be more entries in this little blog.
I decided that, since I made myself a very cute note pad (tutorial for it coming soon), I should jotted down stuff there, sort of like a draft. I really hope to actually do it, because I tend to be the kind of person whose starts something and then leave it unfinished -except for food- I always eat all my food (unless it contains olives, because I don't like it).

So, moving onto some random things

How pretty this apron is? I swear, it shouts "housewife from the fifties", and it happens that I abso-freakin'-lutely love it. I'm thinking in search for a fabric like this one and ask mum to sew me one. But I already can hear her sayin' that it won't work because it doesn't have a front, and the weeny-wittle problem is that I always get stains on =(

One day, I wil have this bureau, and the closet on the left, and the closet on the right. I'm not so sure about the painting, definitely the vase with the roses, the shoes are a must and the cases too, they're will be a tad uncomfortable when I travel around Europe with them, but at least I'll be traveling with style =)

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