An afternoon at the beach

March 11, 2018

Taking advantage of the fact that the summer holidays are over but the summer isn't over yet, which means that the city is less full of tourist than in january or february, last sunday I organized a little trip to the northern coast of the county. I packed some drinks, some sandwiches, charged the battery of my camera and we drove (my dad actually) to Papudo. Located about an hour towards the north, Papudo is a small fisherman cove surrounded by beaches, restaurants, a yacht club, a golf club and pretty houses. Over the last years it's been in the rise and I lost count how many condos are built by the seashore. The beach is quite big and "wavy" which can be a bit of a pain if you're not an accomplished swimmer, but around the rock some cools pools form, which lets you cool down if you're not a great swimmer or if you're with small children.

That day the beach was virtually empty and it was really nice because one of the things why I avoid going to the beach is because they're overcrowded. So it really caught my attention the lack of people, despite the date and beautiful weather (according to IG Stories, it was a scorching 23º).

We stay there for a couple of hours and then we drove back home following the "northern coast circuit". When we arrived to the last (or first town), Maitencillo, instead of staying on the route, we drove back by the beach and it was one of the best ideas of the afternoon. 

In Maitencillo, the beach (which is massive!) was full of people having the time of their life. It is so nice to see people having fun with their friends and families.    

When it was time to return home, I invited my parents for tea and cake and we were actually heading to Concón. When we reached the roundabout the traffic jam was hellish so immediate we changed plans and instead of finding a café in Concón, we went to a café in Quilpué that I was dying to go since I discover it on Instagram last year.

It is called Café Miranda and they recently opened a new one in Quillota. And it was full. Luckily there were some seats available in the terrace, which was good not just because inside it was full, it was also really very hot. 

Dad and I ordered iced coffees, mum ordered tea. We also ordered cheese and mushroom pita sandwiches, a piece o tiraumisú cake and a piece of passion fruit cheesecake.

And the portions were massive. I really loved the café and I hope to return there soon. Not only the service was fast and efficient and the waiter was very considerate and attentive, but the prices, considering the sizes of the portions were actually not expensive. A definitely must go.

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