We're moving!!

I'm starting off the 2010 with a change. A new blog layout which I'll probably change in about three months and with a new URL, because aparently in blogger you can change your URL and your blog will stay the same, it will keep your older files and links and the most important; user names and passwords.

So, in case you haven't notice it; my new URL is
Now, why I choose such a tongue-twister for URL, you must be asking. Well, the answer is pretty damn easy:

Efeveerre stands for FVR, which stands for Francia Venegas Reyes, which stands for my actual name.

I told you it was easy!


Fran's Mail Bag

Dear Breakfast at Tiffany's tee that looks-a-lot-like-the-one-in-the-pic-but's-not-exactly-the-one- I-bought-yesterday:

Thank you for being on the cleareance rack at Ripley! And thank you for finding me just when I was leaving the store. It's like Audrey, or in this case, Holly Golightly send you for me.

Dear hater-girl on MSN:

By now you must acknowledge that I'm not afraid of you and if you really wanna keep bashing me, then you should buy a dictionary. Or/and a brain. Anyways,  I just wanted you to know that if you're gonna keep bugging me, then I will hunt you down just like James did with Bella and there will be NO Edward nor Cullen Family to save you.

Dear Residente Calle 13:
Yup, I think that pretty much this -->
sums it all


Dear Catriel Ciavarella (aka drummer from Divididos):

You're not such a big deal, I mean, you're great with the drums set, fast as a lightning, with a terrific technique, but not THAT great on the eye, althought your arms and back were the only things that kept me hooked last night. They're good, very very good. Try to keep them,'kay? Try not to lose a limb while playig the drums.

Love, Fran

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